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In a Gallup study of 200 hospitals, they found that the engagement level of nurses was the number one variable correlating to mortality, even beating out the number of nurses per patient day.

Harvard research shows when hospitals create an engaging and high-performance-oriented work experience, they not only improve patient satisfaction, but also quality of care outcomes.  Both are core criteria in meeting incentive goals under value-based purchasing.

Harvard research shows that the stories we hear from others that highlight our unique contributions can help us find purpose in our relationships with our colleagues and our work. 

Despite advances in medical technology, healthcare is still a people-intensive business, and improving HCAHPS scores and reducing HACs requires an investment in human capital—specifically, on employee engagement.  “Without employee engagement, you’re never going to get the kind of ultimate patient experience you’re hoping for.” –Mike Packnett, CEO, Parkview Health

Research predicts gratitude will make people happier and healthier indicating that hospitals can lower sick days and absenteeism.  See the impact an online gratitude blog experienced.

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