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Engaged employees make a difference

Tak is a mobile employee engagement platform designed specifically for healthcare.  Tak is built on three principles...

What is Täk?

Employees recognize each other and say thank you for help, teamwork, and friendship.


Employees are rewarded by peers and managers for the many intangibles they do each day. 

Employees are retained through the positive team culture, management recognition and success.



Tak is focused on healthcare because of the stressful situations employees must manage and the enormous difference an engaged employee can make in the lives of staff and patients.

Who uses Täk?

Tak users are large and small...

Full Service Acute Care Hospitals

Outpatient and Diagnostic Centers

Medical Offices and Clinics

What are the benefits of Täk?

Improving hospital performance through employee engagement is a technique proven in academic and industry research.  Nearly all hospitals conduct an annual survey to measure engagement.  Täk goes farther than measuring engagement…

Täk Drives Employee Engagement Higher.

Engagement-Profit Connection.png

Learn more about the connection between engagement and positive outcomes....

See research

Täk Recognition


The Täk platform was recognized by CIO Review, a leading technology reviewer for corporate Chief Information Officers.  Täk was named as one of the 10 most promising solution providers.  See more here.

To learn more or see a demo please contact us:

We will respond as soon as possible.

Contact us:
Phone:  816-876-5212
Location:  Kansas City, Missouri
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