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Täk means…
…Thank you in Danish, see how easy and effective it is to recognize & reward staff members
…Fun, experience the positive change in culture a simple app can deliver
…Rewards, find out how Täk can give a return of investment to the hospital and staff

Tak is a mobile employee engagement platform designed specifically for healthcare.


The Täk Solution

Applying engagement, incentive and retention techniques developed in high skill, high demand industries, which help to reduce RN turnover at hospitals.

Social News Feed

Täk is SOCIAL:

  • Deliver hospital related news and information directly to nurses with a social news feed to make it easy for nurses to keep up with hospital related events and updates.

  • Managers can post pictures and recognize nurses in real time to build team work and recognize good performance.

  • Nurses can recognize each other by thanking their peers directly through the ‘Give Täk’ feature. 

  • Recognition by peers is proven to be a strong motivator and key ingredient in winning cultures.

Points and Leaderboards

  • Each hospital department can create a unique checklist to encourage and reward specific behaviors.

  • The point value of each item can be set and changed as needed to emphasize one activity over others.

  • Nurses can see their point total compared to other nurses in the same department or in the entire hospital.

  • Each month is a new opportunity for a nurses to win and gain recognition.

Täk is UNIQUE:

Redemption Center

Täk is Rewarding:

Täk has the most comprehensive and valuable set of rewards and options on the market.


Each hospital can set up their vacation incentive based on their accounting and approval requirements.


A rotating list of specials allows for local companies to donate services or provide special offers tailored to nurses.


Raffles generate excitement and make holiday shifts more rewarding and use up

un-redeemed points.

Full Gift Catalog:

A gift catalog with thousands of items ranging from gift cards to full vacation packages all delivered to the nurse’s home address.

Recognition Center


  • Administrators can reward entire departments or specific nurses for good performance on hospital level metrics and goals.

  • Managers can rewards teams or nurses with on the spot point bonuses designed to reinforce the extraordinary.

  • Nurses can recognize each other through the ‘Give Täk’ feature.

  • Nurses receiving a Täk get recognized on the news feed and by email.

  • Giving Täks is the most popular feature on the app.

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