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Täk Analytics

As they say, you can't manage what you can't measure.

Tak Analytics help you to measure and therefore manage the intangibles like culture, engagement, retention risk and attitude through our behavioral analytics product.



Performance Benchmarks

Program Performance

Monitoring program performance is easy through the tracking dashboards which displays daily activity for tasks completed, points earned, department participation, usage patterns, etc.

The dashboards enable managers and administrators to track redemption budgets, usage metrics, and other essential details to indicate the health of the program. 

News Feed Analytics

It is tough to talk to everybody on any given day.  The News Feed analytics enable managers to see what is happening on the day shift, night shift and anything in between. 


Understanding the vibe with staff helps managers engage employees, understand recent issues, see who has been helping out and identify any anniversaries. Administrators and managers love having this view prior to rounds.

Employee Analytics

Monitor employee engagement in real time through activities and interactions with peers.  The employee analytics gives managers a proprietary Engagement Score which is a predictor of retention. 


When managers are alerted to a drop in engagement, they know to meet with staff to discuss possible issues and solutions.  Managing to employee engagement is one of the leading ways Tak helps to improve retention and lower turnover.

Performance Benchmarks

The value of Tak Analytics increases through the ability to benchmark activity with peers. Key metrics like the Tak Recognition Ratio helps to quantify your culture and see how you compare against similar institutions.  

Custom benchmarks can also be created for comparisons on any data collected through the app, external data, or other sources.

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