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Täk Evaluator

Break out of tracking performance goals and providing feedback annually and start doing it daily!  Tak helps you track goals every day.  Don't spend time each year remembering what happened, view behaviors displayed everyday and create a performance appraisal with the push of a button! 

Set Performance Goals

Build an Achievement DNA

Track Daily Accomplishments

Set Performance Goals

The Tak Evaluator allows performance goals to be set by administrators, managers, and staff.  That's right, staff can add their own individual goals. 

The Tak Evaluator focuses on collecting behavioral information and aligning those behaviors to performance goals.  Goals can be set at multiple levels:  facility goals, department goals, team goals and individual goals.  Goals can be customized to meet development, training and skill needs of the individuals. 


Goals can also be set with specific timelines.  This allows staff to progress through a series of goals in a year.      

Creating individual goals enables managers to engage staff and develop skills regardless of the stage of their career or work experience.  Our research shows that engaging staff with new goals each year and helping in their development improves employee engagement and reduces turnover.

Track Daily Accomplishments

Each day is an opportunity to successfully accomplish performance goals.  But, often staff are not thinking about those goals which are set annually.  Without their goals in mind, staff may miss opportunities to accomplish goals, seek development opportunities,   

Tracking accomplishments daily is an emerging trend in performance management and supported by the Tak mobile app.  The Tak app reminds staff of goals and encourages updating their self-evaluation regularly through incentives including Tak Points.

Be collecting manager and staff input daily, the performance review process is not a time consuming recap of what happened during the year.  Managers can review evaluations at any point during the year and finalize annual reviews by pushing a button.

Build an Achievement DNA

Tracking the achievement of goals on a daily basis allows managers to create individualized development cycles.  Shortening the feedback loop from yearly to monthly helps employees develop skills at a pace that aligns to their career aspirations. 

In addition to achieving formal performance goals, employees are able to attain recognition for living hospital values for compassion, teamwork, and attitude.  These values and other informal goals are rewarded instantly with Tak Points and available for redemption in the Tak Reward Center.  See the Tak Points page for more details.

Transition from Reviewing to Mentoring

A culture that promotes short review cycles, access to development opportunities and real time recognition evolves from a review based culture to a mentoring culture.  

Research indicates that organizations with a strong mentor cultures have lower turnover, higher employee engagement levels, and better financial performance.  

Learn More

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