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Hear from real Tak customers and learn about the results they are experiencing

Hear how a hospital CEO reduced RN turnover from 23% to 16% in one year, saving her hospital over $1 million...

Behavioral Health

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

A PRTF implemented Tak to focus on building teamwork, reinforcing positive behaviors, and reducing employee turnover.  In the process, the facility also saw a significant drop in the number of physical restraints, or holds.  Improvements in employee engagement also led to improvements in patience and ability to work through resident issues.

Medical Clinic

An urgent care clinic implemented Tak as a fun activity to improve teamwork.  In the first year Tak was introduced, the clinic began to notice the fun was rubbing off.  Patient engagement and patient satisfaction scores improved 10% from the previous year at the same time the number of walk-ins increased.  This shows that a sometimes a little fun can go a long way. 

Hospital System

A hospital system implemented Tak at multiple facilities to address employee turnover.  Specifically, the system was having issues retaining hospital employees through the first year of employment where turnover was twice as high as tenured employees.  After implementing Tak, first year turnover dropped 30% and the hospital system credited Tak's ability to connect with millennial employees.

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