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Täk Scheduler

One of the most common needs in healthcare is ensuring staff coverage of shifts 24x7x52. Achieving that goal requires careful planning, early posting, and, sometimes, shift trading. 




Schedule Planning

The Tak scheduling system is unique because it has access to unique data.  Unlike other scheduling systems, Tak is able to incorporate daily activity and behavior data into the scheduling. 

Behavior and activity data helps to ensure each shift has a good balance of staff experience, engagement, and skill.  Good staff balance helps promote a positive culture, knowledge sharing, and training.  This combination makes hospital staff more productive and the positive benefits reduce turnover. 

In addition to staff balance, the Tak scheduling system also applies advance algorithms to ensure hospitals are staffed accurately.  Accurate staffing reduces over staffing, which saves hospitals money and improves morale.

Schedule Posting

Post schedules through the Tak mobile app.  The Tak mobile app gives staff fast, convenient access to schedules wherever they are checking it.  A mobile schedule also helps staff stay aware of their schedule changes and improves punctuality, reduces stress, and improves communication with managers.

In addition to just accessing the schedule, the Tak mobile app can notify staff when a new schedule is available, when a shift is supposed to start, and when weather or census levels may change staffing needs.

Shift Trading

Regardless of how well a schedule is planned, posted and communicated, last minute needs emerge.  Through the Tak mobile app, trading shifts can be done online through the Newsfeed and schedule notifications.

Staff are able to trade shifts between each other to support personal and family conflicts.  Staff are also able to earn points for accepting a trade from other employees and staff needing coverage can offer Tak Points to help recruit somebody to give up a planned day off at the last minute.

The combination of Tak Points, mobile messaging, and mobile schedules can significantly improve shift disruption and help transfer schedule responsibilities to staff. 

Learn More

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